Apprentice Requirements

Skills to Pay the Bills

we-want-youThe right person for this apprenticeship will:

  • Possess a basic understanding of website design.
  • Be hungry.
  • Understand (and embrace) JFDI.
  • Take initiative to solve problems.
  • Be process oriented.
  • Have superb social skills.
  • Not be afraid of multi-thousand line Excel files.
  • Have a thorough grasp on the English language.

Do not bother applying if you:

  • Cannot work productively independent of supervision.
  • Have no interest in working hard from start to finish on every project.
  • Are not willing to spend your off-time reading, testing, and doing things to improve your capabilities.
  • Are not auto-didactic (able to teach yourself new things).

Benefits of Working with Us

What's in it for YOU

Hands-On Experience

You will work with our staff in one on one situations across our portfolio of client's and websites. You will work in the trenches conducting research and analysis on a wide range of websites, from eCommerce and lead generation to content and SaaS applications.

Clear Path to Financial Success

You are immediately placed on a track towards getting paid. If you show the motivation and drive while you are working with our team, you will be given the opportunity to have a job waiting for you. We are offering the opportunity to earn a salary down the line and jump into early-stage projects that offer long-term revenue streams.

Get Paid to Learn

There are not many opportunities to get paid to learn a new set of valuable skills. SEO is one of the fastest growing industries with senior level SEO jobs fetching over $200,000 per year in base salaries. Take this opportunity come and learn from one of world's Top Technical SEO companies, and get paid for your time.

Flexible Scheduling

We work on a core hours system; you need to be available during the core team hours but otherwise are free to work when you want - as long as the work gets done. This is called working in sprints (sprints are segments of hyper-focused production time, usually lasting anywhere from 2 to 4 hours). Working in sprints spreads the work out across the day and gives you the ability to enjoy a higher quality of life, because you shouldn't have to give up the things you enjoy to get work done. Common break activities include running, cycling, video games, Frisbee golf, cooking, flying helicopters, and Nerf wars.

Relaxed Work Environment

When you come visit the offices don't be surprised by the fancy shorts and t-shirts you see everyone wearing, we're actually pretty laid back. Aside from enjoying a weekly happy hour, team lunches, boat trips, and days on the mountain, I will warn you that at some point you will be shot with Nerf darts.

Commitment to Your Education

What makes this an SEO apprenticeship is the level of time, commitment, and energy we are looking to invest. We are looking for someone who is going to become one of our future venture partners. Someone who wants to be one of the best digital marketers in the industry, and who is looking to aggressively build a successful career and passive income.

Lastly, it's worth noting that this isn't just an SEO apprenticeship... in addition you will gain hands on experience in eCommerce, software development, application design, product development, revenue and data modeling, logistics and warehousing, remote resource management, process design, some front-end development, HTML, CSS, javascript, and project management.

What We Are Looking For

Hungry, Curious, and Ready to Build an Empire

The founding members of FTF have been in the SEO game for over a decade; from the days of keyword stuffing to the modern days of panda and penguin-proofing, we've seen a lot - and stuck with it.

We operate properties and work with hand-selected clients in a few specific, high-growth online industries, and we are looking for your help.

We need someone talented and motivated to help us run things at the highest level, so we're looking for an apprentice - a future partner.

We are looking for someone to bring into the fold, teach absolutely everything that our talented staff knows, and provide access to our growing network of contacts and resources.

We want someone who wants to produce, and wants to get really good at doing so.

We need someone with a perpetual desire to build the best of the best. The days of half-assing projects and seeing success are gone; as Louis C.K. puts it

"extraordinary is the new ordinary"

and as such, only the best will do.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, hit the ground running, and start living the life you have always wanted - we should talk, so you should apply ›

Don't over think the application, don't be nervous - you have nothing to lose - and that's exactly what we are looking for, take a chance, believe in yourself, it may be one of the best decisions you ever make...

What are you waiting for?

Curious about our firm? Wondering if we are worth your time?

Learn more about us on our website, or about our founder, Nick Eubanks' on his personal website.

Here's The Deal

Frills to Pay the Bills

If accepted, here's what you can expect - and what you will receive:


How The SEO Apprenticeship Works

With IFTF expanding so aggressively into new markets, we are always on the look-out for our next SEO Apprentice, and it all starts with your application. IFTF has developed a proven training model to support building our team, which has resulted in more than 3/4's of our current team members.

New hires will come on as Interns, which is a 3-6 month unpaid internship where you will learn from every member of our team, take on any tasks that seem exciting to you, and develop your skills in a wide variety of engaging campaigns.

Work with our team directly on client facing projects, become immersed in exciting software projects, and be given the freedom and support to work on your own entrepreneurial projects.

Once you get the hang of things and start to produce work that drives client-facing value, you are promoted to an SEO Apprentice. This is a paid position that enables you to dive further into the client-facing work that you really enjoy. SEO Apprentices at IFTF earn a base of $10/Hour with the potential for increases based on contribution.

Whether you enjoy the analysis of a client's statistics and analytics, the sales-type interaction with clients and vendors, or want to get more involved with design and coding of a website, we will foster and grow your knowledge so you can become an expert.

We believe our apprentice program is the core of our team, and we invest heavily in supporting it. That is why we ensure that a full-time analyst position is available for any apprentice who is as invested in the success of IFTF as we are in your success.

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