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With IFTF expanding so aggressively into new markets, we are always on the look-out for our next SEO Apprentice, and it all starts with your application. IFTF has developed a proven success model, which over half of our current, full-time employees have gone through!

New hires will come on as Interns, which is a 3-6 month unpaid internship where you will be able to learn from every member of our team, take on any tasks that seem exciting to you, and develop your skills in a wide variety of engaging campaigns. Work with our team directly on client facing projects, become immersed in exciting software projects, and be given the freedom and support to work on your own entrepreneurial projects.

Once you get the hang of things and start to produce work that drives client-facing value, you are promoted to an SEO Apprentice. This is a paid hourly position that will enable you to dive further into the client-facing work that you really enjoy. Whether you enjoy the analysis of a client's statistics and analytics, the sales-type interaction with clients and vendors, or want to get more involved with design and coding of a website, we will help to foster and grow your knowledge so you can become an expert.

We truly believe that our apprentice program is the core of our team, and we invest heavily in it. That is why we ensure that a full-time analyst position is available for any apprentice who is as invested in the success of IFTF as we are in your success.


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